Codes and Official Interpretations

The Plans Review Division is responsible for maintaining and enforcing the following codes:

Title 153 Fire Code Regulations
  • Nebraska State Fire Code Regulations (Chapter 1) – A complete list of all NFPA codes adopted by the State Fire Marshal’s Office, including code amendments.
  • Guidelines for Fire Alarm Inspector Certification (Chapter 6)
  • Outdoors Storage of Scrap Rubber Tires (Chapter18)
  • Water-Based Fire Protection Systems (Chapter 19) – Specifies certification requirements for water-based fire protection system contractors and other requirements for sprinkler systems.
  • Plan Review (Chapter 21) – Specifies when plans must be submitted, what projects are exempt from review, other details of plan submittal and the fee schedule for plan reviews.

Title 156 Public Building Safety Advisory Commission

  • Nebraska Accessibility Requirements – Includes the entire text of the Nebraska Accessibility Guidelines (mirrors ADAAG) and Multi-Family Dwellings Accessibility regulations.

Official Interpretations

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