Underground Storage Tanks

Certain underground storage tanks that store petroleum or hazardous substances must be registered and inspected by this office. A registration form for federally regulated tanks may be obtained by contacting the Fuels Division. Heating oil tanks over 1,100 gallons, which are exempt under the Federal Notification requirements; require a different registration form to be completed. This form is available from the website. In addition, farm, residential and small heating oil (under 1,100 gallons) require a one time registration form.

A $30 annual registration fee is collected on each operating or temporarily closed tank. Invoices are mailed in November/December and payment is due by January 1. In addition to the annual registration fee, a fee of $90 per tank is collected for the Petroleum Release Remedial Action Fund. This fund is administered by the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality and is used to clean up leaking tanks.

  • Public Record Undergroud Storage Tank Summary Information
    Reporting Period 10/1/13-9/30/14
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    Posted: 1/28/2015


    The following vendors have been approved to provide UST Operator Training in Nebraska

    Online Training:

    Leak Specialists Inc. https://neust.digitalchalk.com
    Petro Classroom http://www.petroclassroom.com
    Practical American Safety Solutions http://www.passtesting.com
    UST Training http://www.USTtraining.com

    Classroom/Webcam Training:

    Barker Lemar Engineering Consultants - Numerous classes provided statewide
    For schedule and to sign up: http://www.barkerlemarcompanies.com

    Petroleum Testers, LLC
    430 Gardenia
    Cheyenne, WY 82009
    800-376-4091 (voice and fax)
    lucht@bresnan.net (email)


    • Active Regulated UST Facilities
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    • All UST Facilities
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      Disclaimer: Information contained in these Excel spreadsheets is based on notification forms submitted by property owners to the State Fire Marshal. The information may not be reflective of the actual site and tank data due to various reasons, including database conversion issues.

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